Personal Thought on the current guild status.

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Personal Thought on the current guild status.

Post  Tampinese on Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:29 am

Hello all,

Thanks for bearing with the guild throughout the last 2-3 month. Alot has happen that can't really be foreseen. Although some people have advice me about some stuff, i was petty stubborn and still went ahead.

It been a real long and slow period. Stormster has been ban for certain reason, soufflee has stopped due to study, tene has stopped, daphlim has stopped and the list goes on. For every one person i recruited. It seem that two or more person will be going missing. I'm hitting a real tall wall and don't really know what can be done anymore.

Following this week attendance. This is really turning out to be like a year or so ago where we are on totc farm content but would never be able to do heroic version of it.... Management wise i don't think i been doing much as i should be. The effort needed doesn't really show a good return.

As such , the currently issue has taken a turn for wise and i think its about time we think about something really radical change to how we gonna be forming up raid. Below are 2 idea that would provide us with a solution.

Before i write up about the solution i like to spread the news that all this will be done after the guild gold has been divided up and share with the guild.

First solution will be making the current raid that the guild form into some sort of pug. the loot rule will be like a pug group. MS over OS roll. BOE will be MS over OS roll. i will provide useless gem to be slotted into boe so that it can not be sold at the AH. Alt will be allow in this solution. But min gem requirement still stay. 5.4k gs in pve gear. Properly gemmed and enchanted gear. Raid will most likely be a one day affair unless we find people willing to come for 2 days

Second Solution would be to form up a GDKP run, and find other like mind people. Loot rule will be the highest bidder win. and the raid will most likely be a one day affair due to the pug people in it.

Third will be to just stop raiding as a guild. Sit back, relax and wait for cata to hit.

Due to 4.01 patch most likely to hit this Tuesday. i can confirm that Wednesday will be a big mess. But please turn up still. it will be would your time in gold.

Thanks for reading this. its late and it feel good to let out stuff thats in the mind for a while. Very Happy


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